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Welcome To My New Page

My name is Dick Anderson
And All the midis and MP3's on next few pages
were sequenced by me.  The midis are free; all
I ask is if you use any on your pages please give
me credit for the song on your page.

Thank you

The mp3's and CDs; I want money for them.
Not much, just enough to by milk for the babies.
I'm still doing some custom sequencing for performers and bands,
and individuals who like to sing along at home. 
Just let me know what song you want and the key you want it in
and I'll do the rest.  (Let's try to keep it Old Country, please!) 
There is a charge for this service.

I'd also like to promote my CD's. 
*I now have five.  Two are instrumentals and three are old country with vocals.*

I'd like to again say Thank You to all of you who have been so faithful
in your visits and your E-mails.
You will never know how much your interest and encouragement
have meant to me. 

Page designed and maintained by
              Dick Anderson

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